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    Strategic Change: Case Study

    Purpose of Assignment

    The purpose of this assignment is to provide a chance for the student to examine an existing organization and apply research to identify opportunities for strategic change. 

    Assignment Steps

    Develop a 1,050-word essay to identify one global creative organization, as defined in Ch. 10 and 11 of Mastering Leadership. 

    Analyze the opportunities for strategic change that are evident, citing evidence. 

    Include considerations of culture and structure in addressing those opportunities. 

    Include the following: 

    • Identify one organization that could be considered creative, based on definitions in Mastering Leadership.
    • Determine whether or not you believe the organization meets those criteria. Explain why.
    • Discuss the impact of organizational culture and structure on that opportunity for strategic change.
    • Formulate conclusions including personal learning on your analysis. 

    Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

    Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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