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    What were some of the successes of the Great Society programs?

    The greatest success of The Great Society Programs was an unintended consequence…

    The greatest success of The Great Society Programs was an unintended consequence, namely the Great Society succeeded in destroying the Black family. In America, the Black family had survived slavery, segregation, and discrimination, but could not survive the replacement of Fathers by the Welfare State.

    Looking at the current social catastrophe of 2/3 of African-American children being born out of wedlock, it is shocking to realize that prior to implementation of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare programs, eight of ten Black children were born into a two-married-parent family.

    While illegitimacy overall has risen, with the breakdown of moral barriers in society, the displacement of Fathers as providers by the Welfare State has borne most heavily on Blacks, so that multiple generations have grown to adulthood with large percentages dependent on government largesse.

    If the authors of The Great Society had intended to devestate the Black family, they would have been hard-pressed to devise a more effective strategy.

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