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    Is Wal-Mart Good for America

    One common fact among the two videos is that the welfare of the employees get undermined. In WalMart’s case, the company’s low-cost strategy leads to low wages to the workers. Similarly, the workers employed by the contractors work under oppressive conditions like getting low wages (Cihon & Castagnera, 2008).
    Despite the similarity, there is a major area of difference, which is the area of paying taxes and growing the economy. As noted, WalMart is among the companies that contribute hugely to the economy though Taxes. In contrast, the contractors under review do not employ the systems that support paying taxes.
    The interesting facts that come from the video 1099 Misclassification is that the contractors under review are gaining a more competitive edge by evading their duty of contributing towards taxes and welfare benefits. In WalMart’s case, the strategies that the company uses to gain competitive advantage include pushing companies to reduce the costs of supplies.
    From chapter twelve, the concept of social partnership is evidently violated by the contractors explored, as they did not incorporate the concept into operations (Budd, 2008). Similarly, the concept of solidarity unionism can be applied to WalMart’s case, as the best solution to the problems facing its workers (Budd, 2008).
    The concept of social partnership is re-integrating groups that have been socially excluded into the mainstream community economically or socially. Solidarity unionism is organizing employees and formulating models for challenging corporate oppression without engaging government or u

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