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    What are your views on the death penalty for juvenile offenders?

    Reading Assignment # 2


    **answer the following questions**

    What is meant by a delinquent subculture? How can we use information about a delinquent subculture to change delinquent behaviors in various communities? Do you think norms and values in delinquent subcultures can be changed?


    What are some similarities and differences between Merton’s theory of anomie and  strain theory? In the theory of anomie, what mode of adaptation is most likely to be invoked by juvenile delinquents? What other modes of adaptation have been identified?

    What are the four delinquency intervention program? What is their relative  successfulness in reducing delinquency?


    What was the significance of Kent v. United States (1966) and In re Gault (1967)?


    What are your views on the death penalty? What are your views on the death penalty    for juvenile offenders? Should age of the offender mitigate the use of the death penalty?


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