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    Two pages Written Report about Quiet Steel

    1. Depending on the topic you choose, you will either be reporting on an interesting new material, or how a material is being used in a different way, or how different treatments, etc. have made additional uses for a material.
    1. In addition I want a 3th page with some sort of picture, graph or chart that you find while doing your research that class members would find interesting. Also, I want a 4th page that is a list of the sources you used to obtain your information. You must have at least one additional source besides the ones provided in this topic list. Sources can be books (you might find some information in books in the Tech Library), magazines, websites, or conversations with real live people. Web search engines, such as:, can be helpful.
    2. Make sure to word-process and spell-check your report. I will also be grading you on good grammar and effective organization of the ideas you present in your paper. This is your opportunity to learn how to write “Technical Professional Report”. Please note the followings:
    3. a.       Write your report by your own. Do not “copy and paste” from different sources. This is bad!

      b.      Use different sources (for examples, websites) to get the “theme” of your presentation Topic. And then translate the theme in your “own languages”. This is what that you should do.

      c.       Cite references into the text.

      d.      All figures that you are using in your report must have a “Figure #”and “Figure Title”.

      e.       Cite the “Figure #” in to the text.

      f.       Make sure that your repost is easy to read and easy to understand.

      g.      Again, your report itself will present whether it has been written by yourself or fabricated!

      1.      Quiet Steel                                                           

      The Ford F-150 uses a material known as “Quiet Steel”.  Do some research into what this material is, what benefit it can provide and any foreseeable limitations.  Here are some resources to help you get started:

      a.       The Quiet Steel website:

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