Tips for writing a job winning cover letter

The cover letter is what introduces the candidate to the hiring manager and should leave a positive memory. This is why it is important to write a unique cover to the job you are applying for. Your cover should not be adopted from an existing copy neither should it be based on a template but should follow the format of the company you are applying to. Moreover, your cover letter should be organized and orderly in a way that the reader can follow through from introduction to conclusion. This article takes you through some important tips for writing a cover letter

Tips for writing a cover letter

Research about the company

Dig deeper for relevant information about the company and the job you are applying for. As indicted earlier, your application should be memorable and unique and this is why you need to find out more about the company. One of the ways of finding valuable information about the job is by contacting the hiring manager who can be the head of department or the human resource. Finding such people may not be easy but the company’s website or linked are some of the places to start from. Look for the employees’ profiles on LinkedIn and reach out to them about the position. Remember that you are not looking for favors or to cheat your way to the interview room but your goal is to find useful information for your cover letter.

Have a strong introduction

Hiring managers go through many cover letters and having a cliché introduction is likely to get yours tossed over to the rejected lot. Start with a strong introduction that captures their attention and wanting to explore the rest of the cover letter. Start by giving a reason why you are interested in this job followed by how you will contribute to the success of the organization. Tell the hiring manager about your experience and the new skills you intend to bring in. Another way of attracting attention of the hiring manager is by addressing them directly. You can easily find an employee of the company through social media, mentioning their names in the application could easily earn you an opportunity to interview.

Hone in on the future

Dynamism at workplace is now considered a strong quality than before. Your ability to acquire and apply new skills to achieve better results can be a key differentiator. With the current pandemic, many recruiters are looking for people who can easily adopt to changes in the market to ensure continued success. Demonstrate how your application is different from previous positions you have served in. For example, if you were a marketer, show how you have acquired new skills in digital marketing and how they will impact the company’s marketing activities.

Communicate your value

You are being employed to solve the company’s problems and contribute to its success. Identify the challenges facing the company. For example, if you are a marketer point out a marketing gap such as a certain area where the company has not established a strong base or has many competitors. Tell them how you intend to fight for a position in the market through your marketing skills. You can also talk about a similar problem you have experienced in the past and how you solved it to demonstrate your experience.  You may not be as specific as someone from the inside but by identifying problems and telling them how you will solve them you communicate your personal value. You can pick some of the key but most common skills required in many organizations such as ability to learn and adapt quickly. Demonstrate how you can learn and adapt to new situations.

Maintain professionalism

The tone of the cover letter is key especially to maintain a professional outlook. However much personal you become, ensure that the communication is formal and within the set standards. The letter should not be too emotional to lose the professional outlook. For example, do not show desperation in the letter as this may communicate a flaw in your character or sell you short.

Communicate enthusiasm

Show the hiring manager that you are not only enthusiastic about the job but also being part of the company and its team. You should demonstrate that you believe in the mission and vision of the company and willing to add to its success in the industry. Show them how you have yearned to work in the company and be part of a leading organization. In cases such as startups, the top management are likely participate in the hiring process and as the people responsible for building the company from scratch, positive information about the company’s position in the market is likely to earn you an interview.

Share the cover letter for proofreading

Share the cover letter with your peers or your seniors. Your peers can help point out where you have oversold yourself and might affect your application. On the other hand, your seniors will help you identify places where you might have been wrong in terms of how you express yourself.  However, it is important to specify the kind of feedback you expect as this will help you identify and rectify specific areas you came short.

Make the cover letter short and precise

Most hiring managers prefer shorter cover letters because it takes less time to go through the entire document and make a decision. It is recommended that you keep the cover letter as short as possible that one can read it at a glance. A longer one would require skimming through for specific areas while leaving out some key parts

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