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    The Research Instrument

    There are manifold reasons why the research will use the questionnaire instead of the other survey tools. First, the method is economical because it saves the cost, time, and effort of gathering the information. The cost of printing the questionnaires will even be reduced by the additionally cheap online instruments. The researcher will take little time and cost less effort to collect the data as would be when using the experimentation and other techniques (Tuckman, and Harper 2012, p. 14). The online integration will also allow gathering data from a wider context as people from far distances can be reached.

    The design of the questionnaire that conceals or does not disclose the names of the responses will improve confidentiality and privacy ethics. The administration and collection of the questionnaires are also easy to execute. Additionally, as compared to the observation, interviews, and experimentations, the questionnaire puts a little pressure and invokes fewer anxieties. Many people are also used to the questionnaire, which will build the confidence of the respondents due to familiarity (Green 2001, p. 5). Rapid respond or a feeling of invasion through the interviews, which might distort the state of the responses, will be avoided by using this method. However, the method also has the flip side as such as the high likelihood of low response, additional costs of the internet and mobile calls, delayed response, of incomplete entries. Nevertheless, in this context, the benefits ou……………………………………………..

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