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    The Narrative Style


    The film uses several narrative techniques that make the film interesting and captivating. For starters, the director constantly uses flashback to give snippets of the main character’s life. In particular, the film opens with Daigo cleansing a corpse while the family of the deceased watches. Afterward, the film takes the viewer back and explains how Daigo ended up as a mortician. In between, the film reveals Daigo’s family that he no longer lives with. Through the flashbacks, the viewer gets to understand Daigo’s bitterness towards his father and why he has no recollection of him. Nonetheless, the final flashback shows Daigo’s father as a father who passes on happily as he watches over his son, wife and his unborn grandchild (Hartley, 4).


    In the first scene, the viewer sees Daigo and realizes that he is the film’s main character through the voice-over that accompanies his image. He reveals that he has been to the place before even though the weather was a little bit different. The voice overs continue in between the scenes and filling the audience in the past life of the character and his present state of mind. In particular, the voice-over reveals Daigo’s character as a reserved person who did not like engaging in conversations unless necessa…………………

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