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    The Irish Courts are too willing to depart from the well enshrined rule that costs follow the event

    Critically discuss the above statement with reference to case law.

    Instructions for Students

    This essay is worth 100% of the marks for the module.

    Word Limit

    This will limit be applied strictly. There is no allowance for a higher word count than 2,000 words including footnotes. Each 200 words (or part thereof) over this word limit will result in a candidate dropping one grade point (i.e. A+ becomes A).

    Candidates will not be penalised for shorter submission word count but are advised that it is unlikely that a significantly shorter answer will provide sufficient depth to achieve a good grade in this assessment.

    Time Allowed

    Candidates have exactly two weeks to complete the essay. While you are allowed two weeks, the essay is designed with the intention that you spend no more than 10-15 hours (over the two-week period) on it.

    The time indicated above does not include the time that candidates should have spent each week conducting an in-depth examination of the various topics that were covered in this module.

    Citations and Referencing

    The citation style in the Sutherland School of Law is Oscola Ireland. All footnotes should be referenced in accordance with Oscola. The Oscola Ireland Guide is available online and on Brightspace, and there is also a Quick Reference Guide. Compliance with OSCOLA will be assessed as part of the grading for this assignment.

    Students should also refer to the School of Law’s Legal Writing Guide (available on Brightspace) for further guidance on referencing. Please include a full bibliography at the end of your essay.

    Use of Materials

    This is an open book essay to be completed at home. Candidates may utilise whatever relevant legal materials that they deem appropriate. Please note that marks are not awarded for copying materials/tracts of text/large chunks of legislation from materials that are available to you. This may constitute plagiarism (see below). Students who rely solely or mainly on lecture notes will not get a high grade; there is an expectation that students will engage with the recommended reading for each topic, and conduct independent research for the take-home exam.

    Extenuating Circumstances

    The University defines ‘extenuating circumstances’ as “the occurrence of unforeseen events which have prevented a student from attending a substantial number of classes, affected their ability to study or complete assessments (both continuous assessment and/or examinations), resulted in assessment deadlines being missed or adversely affected performance in any assessments undertaken.”

    If a candidate falls ill or suffers other extenuating circumstances during the duration of this assignment, then the candidate should review the UCD Policy on Extenuating Circumstances.

    Further details on how to proceed may be found here.

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