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    Supreme court movie

    – Watch the supreme court movie and answer the questions as an essay
    -Minimum of 400 words in length
    -The papers are to address the study questions that have been prepared for the film
    this is the questions:

    1- Discuss the case of Marbury v. Madison. What impact did it have on the development and evolution of American jurisprudence?

    2- Discuss the case of Scott v. Sandford. Why is it considered the worst opinion ever written in the history of the Court?

    3- Discuss the notion that the reach of judicial power reaches extends only so far as the executive branch is willing to enforce it, and that the power of the Court is the power to persuade.

    4- Discuss the life and times of Chief Justice John Marshall, and focus on how he impacted the future of the judicial system and the future of the then-new nation of America.

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