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    Strategies to Avoid Unethical Coffee farming

    Peet’s Coffee & Tea Company is stepping up its campaign programs in countries that do not enforce human rights laws fully due to inadequate resources. It is pumping in more resources to assist such countries to end child labor, forced labor, and slavery. Some of the coffee-producing countries that benefit from the program are Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Rwanda. Also, the campaign is expected to enhance education among the illiterate coffee farmers (‘Peet Coffee & Tea’ 1). Moreover, the firm has stepped up the LEED program towards preventing soil erosion by encouraging and supporting farmers to adopt the sustainable methods of farming.

    Despite the best ethical practices in Peet’s Coffee Shop, there is growing concern about the number of part-time workers who have never been employed full time. In many instances, the workers denied full-time employment for many years are forced to have a supplemental income that is hard to get (Group 1). Workers who are devoted towards the service quality and customer satisfaction of the firm deserve job promotion. The company should come up with programs that will ensure that all the part time workers  have  chance of securing a permanent employment after they work for a the firm for a particular period. The company should be invested, but all the mistreatment of some part time workers should be eliminated to realize as they tarnish the reputation of the organization and may lead to poor service quality and low produ…………………………………

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