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    Several questions about religion

     700- to 1-050-words on the origin and basic tenants of Islam.

    Make sure the following is in your paper:

    • The history of Judaism
    • The Hebrew scriptures and their importance to the religion
    • The major beliefs and concepts of Judaism
    • Rituals and symbols

    Describe a Jewish Holy Day: the history of its beginning and how it is observed today.

    Describe the rituals and elements used in the celebration of that Holy Day.

    Answer the following question:

    • Do other religions have similar Holy Days and celebrations?  If so, how are they similar and/or different?

     700- to 1-050-words on the origin and basic tenants of Islam.

    Include the following in your paper:

    • The Qur’an and its significance to the religion
    • The Five Pillars
    • The importance of Ramadan in Islam
    • The Sunni, Shiite, and Sufi branches of Islam

    350- to 700-words about the New Religious Movement and challenges facing traditional religions in contemporary society.

    Include the following in your paper:

    • Explain how new religions, cults, and sects fit within Western culture.
    • Compare new religious movements with traditional religions.
    • Identify contemporary challenges religions face today.

    Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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