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Security Information and Event Management

Security Operations Control Centers are a necessity for large businesses and government agencies. But, for a small to medium sized business such as Sifers-Grayson, the expense may outweigh the benefits. Right-sizing an enterprise monitoring capability can be a significant challenge.
The three main readings for this week discuss the best practices for setting up and operating a security operations & monitoring capability. These practices rely upon: people, processes, and technologies. In this week’s readings, you will learn about people and processes required for security operations monitoring centers. The readings also provide information about a key technology — Security Information and Event Management — that is required for effective and efficient security operations monitoring. (Next week, you will complete your technology review for an SIEM system.)
For the client, Sifers-Grayson, establishing a SOC could give them the following much needed capabilities:
1. Consolidated IT Help Desk (combining Engineering & Headquarters IT support into a single, well trained team).
2. Server Status Monitoring (patches, up/down, host-based security status)
3. Enterprise Endpoint Protection Platform Monitoring / Host monitoring (e.g. workstations)
4. Monitoring and Responding to Intrusion Detection Systems (Alerts & Alarms)
5. Firewall Operations & Monitoring
6. Network Connection Monitoring


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