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    Romans 9-16: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition

    Unit Six Introduction
    Romans Chapters 9-11 form a unit with the focus being on the nation of Israel and its past (Chapter 9), present (Chapter 10), and future (Chapter 11). These seemingly parenthetical chapters of the letter are inundated with theological dilemmas to the modern mind. So much so that N.T. Wright says it “is as full of problems as a hedgehog is full of prickles. Many have given it up as a bad job, leaving Romans as a book with eight chapters of gospel at the beginning, four of application at the end, and three of puzzle in the middle.” In this unit, we will be attempting to discern a theme in these chapters and reconciling them in overall unity with the other 13 chapters.

    During this unit, you should complete a 1-2-page outline of the paper providing complete sentences and reflecting the major contours and arguments of the paper.

    Also, don’t forget to submit your third written reflection at the end of this unit.

    6.1 Text/Media
    Textbook: Romans 9-16: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
    6.1a PDF: Honour and Righteousness in Romans

    Media Clip: Tom Wright The Message of Paul: Fresh Perspectives on Gospel and Empire

    6.1a Honour and Righteousness in Romans File
    6.4a Sentence Outline Example File

    1.Read Romans 9:1-11:36 in a Bible translation of your choice.
    2.Read the Romans 9:1-11:36 section in Romans 9-16.
    3.Read Honour and Righteousness in Romans PDF in preparation for your threaded discussion assignment.
    4.Watch Tom Wright – The Message of Paul: Fresh Perspectives Gospel and Empire media clip.
    6.2 Unit Assignment: Reading Reflection 3

    See Unit Six Introduction above.

    1.Review the assigned Text of Units Five below and Unit Six above.
    2.Finish writing a 4-page reflection on the readings from Greathouse in units five and six. Give attention to the material presented in the learning objectives for the respective reading assignments.
    3.Follow these guidelines in preparation for submitting your essay at the end of this unit:
    a. As a reflection paper, this essay should reflect your reactions, feelings, and analysis of the Greathouse readings in a personal way. However, you are encouraged to be analytical in your thoughts. Do not summarize what you read.
    b. This assignment is not a devotional reflection on Romans, but an analysis of the Greathouse textbook.
    c. Be sure to include an introduction. This should include your thoughts and feelings on the subject prior to the reading of the materials.
    d. The body should include the conclusions that you have come to and why. The readings and your personal experience should support your conclusions.
    e. End with a conclusion summing up what you gathered from the readings from Greathouse over units five and six.
    f. The essay should be written based on Turabian, with 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. If any outside references are used to support your ideas in the reflection then they must be cited according to Turabian.

    5.1 Text/Media
    Textbook: Romans 1-8: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition

    Read Romans 6:1-8:39 in a Bible translation of your choice.
    Read the Romans 6:1-8:39 section in Romans 1-8.
    Read Romans 7:14-25 in a Bible translation of your choice.
    Read the Romans 7:14-25 section in Romans 1-8.

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