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    Role of marijuana in Medicine

    1. Marijuana Legalization Paper – in this assignment you will consider the nexus between your area of study and the legalization of marijuana. Using a counseling tool from Solution Focused Therapy called the Miracle Question, you will envision and describe in detail how the future of your area of study will be different when marijuana is no longer illegal. There are already some clues from the states where marijuana has been legalized. Your legalization paper must address each of the following assignment elements:
    • Compare current Federal drug policy to the reality of marijuana use in society
    • Discuss the consequences/benefits of marijuana use and the social cost of legalization – Do not forget to consider the negatives!!
    • Describe your field of study and the role marijuana plays (critical thinking)
    • Clearly, state your educated guess as to what would happen in your field if you woke up tomorrow and marijuana was legalized at the Federal level.
      • Consider what could happen under a program of substantially relaxed, tolerant, less punitive, and less penalized drug control. This “guess” should be based on accurate information as well as your personal experiences and attitudes.
    • Must utilize four credible resources
    • WARNING: This assignment is not a vehicle to express strong opinions regarding drug use.


    2000 – 2500 words, double-spaced, with word total, noted on the title page. You may utilize MLA or APA for this assignment, whichever you are more familiar with using for scholarly work.

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