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    The role of estrogen in calcium homeostasis

    1. Considering the theories introduced, from your experiences with older adults in your home, church in the community or as a nurse/nursing student state the theory and give an example of that theory.

    2. Write summary of your complete observation. Observe older adults in variety of settings (hospital, Senior Center, Adult Day Care, Home, church, etc. Observe their function and level of independence.

    3. When doing your observation focus on one individual, preferably in the community. If you do so throughout the course the paper will write itself!

    4. Throughout life we have risk factors that increase the chances to have negative outcomes. These tends to accumulate with age. Upon completion of the reading, look at yourself identify factors in your life that interfere with cognitive function. Could this potentially become a problem in later life? Explain.

    5. Each student is to perform a self evaluation related to attitudes and views toward the older adult. This will include your comfort level discussing these concerns with older adults and evaluating perception by the student in while growing up and the students view with older adults

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