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    Relationship between waste management and Computer and Electrical Engineering

    Dumping of e-wastes is a particular phenomenon faced in many countries around the world. The unsafe contents of these materials pose human health risks and environmental hazards. Waste computer parts, televisions, copiers, fax machines, cell phones, and ion batteries if not properly disposed can leak lead and some other constituents into the soil. Many of these products can be recycled and re-used in a safer way such that they are less destructive to the environment (Bhutta, Omar and Yang n.d.). Computer wastes that are landfilled produce polluted leachates that eventually poison the ecosystem. Acidic components of computer chips, if disposed on land lower the PH of the soil.

    An Extreme acidic soil is not favorable for certain crops hence may lead to lower yields. Landfilling of these hazardous substances requires strategic control methods. In industries control of e-waste begins at the start of generation of these materials.  The approach is on minimizing the waste by use of techniques and by workable product design. Lessening of harmful waste in industries includes Cataloging of materials produced, modification of the product model, reducing the volume produced, and recovery and reuse of the materials produced…………………..

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