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    Rationale for assessment design

    Title: Research Critique


    Rationale for assessment design:

    On completion of this module it is anticipated that students will have learnt to question the validity of knowledge and evidence around midwifery and, in doing so, developed the skills necessary to make decisions about whether research findings should be integrated into practice.

     Links to module learning outcomes:

    The whole assessment will meet the learning outcomes (LO).

    1. Identify the validity of the various forms of knowledge that influence midwifery practice
    2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the research process by critiquing an existing midwifery research paper identified by the module team
    3. Reflect on the importance of research based evidence in caring for women, babies and their families
    4. Demonstrate developing academic writing skills using critical appraisal to create a reasoned argument

    LO 1 will be integrated into the critical discussion of the paper.

    LO 2 – is satisfied because the assessment is critiquing a research paper

    LO 3 – will be integrated into the conclusion to the module assessment

    LO 4 – is integrated throughout as you need the academic writing skills to undertake the assessment.


    Assessment information:

    How this Module is Assessed: What You Need to Do and When

    You are required to critically appraise the research process used  in one of the papers below using any of the critical appraisal tool discussed in class such as Rees (2011) and demonstrate your knowledge of research  in relation to midwifery practice.

    KREM summative paper 1.pdf

    KREM summative Paper 2.pdf

    The module will be assessed summatively by a 3000 word (maximum) essay in which you will be expected to meet learning outcomes 1-4 specified in your module guide. Although the length of your assignment is important because it indicates the breadth and depth to which you have explored the subject matter, credit is awarded for the quality of the discussion.

    Pass required: 40%

    Title: Student Identification number

    Date of submission: 13th of April 2018

    Deadline for submission 2pm (14:00 hours) on deadline day

    Place of submission: Electronically via Grademark Turnitin

    Collection of work: 14th of May 2018 Electronically

    All coursework assignments and other forms of assessment must be submitted by the published deadline which is detailed above. It is your responsibility to know when work is due to be

    submitted – ignorance of the deadline date will not be accepted as a reason for late or non-submission.

    All student work which contributes to the eventual outcome of the module (ie: if it determines whether you will pass or fail the module and counts towards the mark you achieve for the module) is submitted via GradeMark®. You CANNOT submit work for this module via the iCentres. Additionally, academic staff CANNOT accept this work directly from you.

    You are requested to keep a copy of your work.



    Work that is submitted late – defined as up to five working days after the published submission deadline – will be accepted and marked. However, the element of the module’s assessment to which the work contributes will be capped with a maximum mark of 40%.


    You are expected to maintain confidentiality in all work submitted for assessment. This means anonymising names of individuals and organisations so that it would not be possible to identify individuals or practice settings. Where information exists in the public domain (e.g. published protocols, policies, statistical information etc) you will not be penalised for a breach of confidentiality if host organisations can be identified. Where academic staff consider that confidentiality and anonymity have been compromised they will made a judgement about the nature of the breach and you will be penalised accordingly.



    Suggested Layout


    Please remember when submitting through Turnitin that the title is your SID number

    Overall structure


    Main body – critique of chosen paper


    Reference list


    Introduction – one paragraph

    This needs to be  short and identify the paper selected and the critiquing framework chosen (both to be referenced).

    Main body

    This will be the critique of your chosen paper. Please choose only one out of the two research papers identified for summative assessment above. Do not waste words by stating it again or the critiquing framework you are using.

    Go through the paper and critique it in a systematic fashion. Support your reasoning with your knowledge of research process gathered from textbooks and journals and reference these sources. Link to practice where applicable.

    In addition, weave into your critical discussion

    • The role of the midwife in terms of critical appraisal of evidence and woman centred care with evidence based/ evidence informed practice
    • The other paradigm to the one that your identified study sits in and whether research could be done in this other paradigm on the subject matter – perhaps find one paper to support this.
    • When assessing robustness of the design refer to the hierarchy of evidence and how this hierarchy influences midwifery practice.



    What is your overall view of this paper?

    Are there any limitations or flaws that the author(s) did not identify?

    What is its usefulness to midwifery practice / implications for your practice?

    Would this contribute to evidence for midwives and women?

    Have you any recommendations?


    Additional pointers

    Give your word count at the end of your writing but before the reference list.

    Reference list (Avoid making assertions with no reference).

    This does not contribute towards the word count. Do adhere to the University’s Harvard referencing style on the library webpage.

    Proof read your work and ensure that you have produced a fluent, well-reasoned and well referenced assignment which shows an understanding of the research process, an understanding of how research and other forms of evidence are used in midwifery care and the ability to critically appraise a piece of research.


    How your assessment is graded:

    The assignment  weighting is 100%

    After you have handed your work in or you have completed an examination, Anglia Ruskin undertakes a series of activities to assure that our marking processes are comparable with those employed at other universities in the UK and that your work has been marked fairly, honestly and consistently. These include:

    • Anonymous marking – your name is not attached to your work so, at the point of marking, the lecturer does not know whose work he/she is considering.
    • Internal moderation – a sample of all work for each assessment task in each module is moderated by other Anglia Ruskin staff to check the standards and consistency of the marking
    • External moderation – a sample of student work for all modules is moderated by external examiners – experienced academic staff from other universities (and sometimes practitioners who represent relevant professions) – who scrutinise your work and provide Anglia Ruskin academic staff with feedback, advice and assurance that the marking of your work is comparable to that in other UK universities. Many of Anglia Ruskin’s staff act as external examiners at other universities.

    External examiners are appointed to our Departmental Assessment Panels (DAPs) and oversee the assessment of modules which fall within the remit of each DAP. A full and up-to-date list of Anglia Ruskin’s External Examiners is available to students and staff at

    • Departmental Assessment Panel (DAP) – performance by all students on all modules is discussed and approved at the appropriate DAPs which are attended by all relevant Module Leaders and external examiners. Anglia Ruskin has over 25 DAPs to cover all the different subjects we teach.


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