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    Radioactive water treatment

    Technology Entrepreneurship in Practice

    A: An Excellent 70+ 1st ? comprehensive and accurate coverage of the area ? critical evaluation ? clarity of argument and expression ? integration of a range of materials ? depth of insight into theoretical issues ? originality of exposition or treatment

    The essay topic:

    1. Radioactive water treatment –

    In the essay, evaluate the commercial potential of Radioactive water treatment and recommend how you think it should be developed over the next 3-5 years by considering the following areas:

    ? Intellectual Property. Evaluate the intellectual property position taken for the technology. If a patent has been filed consider whether the company has freedom to operate given rival patent activity. If an alternative to patenting has been used consider what competitive advantage the firm has over potential rivals.

    ? Technical feasibility. Consider the ease or difficulty of developing the technology and in achieving manufacture and distribution of the product or delivery of the service. Are the projected timescales realistic and scale up plans plausible?

    ? Societal factors. Are there particular issues such as environmental, safety or public health concerns that need to be addressed? Consider how comparable companies have addressed these issues for similar technologies.

    ? Market Attractiveness. Consider the size and dynamics of the potential market and whether the correct target market has been selected. Discuss how the technology compares with the competition from the point of view of the ultimate customer. Consider any barriers to acceptance along the value chain from technology to market and how these can be overcome. Consider the financial viability of the venture. Is there the potential to develop a profitable business and therefore create value for potential investors?

    ? Business Strategy. What is the most appropriate business model for this technology? Is the opportunity business to business or for a consumer market? Recommend how the company should develop or acquire the necessary skills and experience to deliver the optimum business model.

    A 2,000-word essay. Technical information and web pages used to develop your essay must be included in an appendix but are not included in the word count.


    Essays which gain higher marks will
    ? provide evidence of reading around the topic and show a good understanding of the key concepts
    ? include relevant theory and evidence and reference sources accurately. E.g. illustrations.
    ? critically discuss different viewpoints with arguments carefully developed and clearly expounded
    ? show originality of thought
    ? have good structure and clear presentation (including introductory and concluding sections

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