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    Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

    3.2 Data Collection Method

    3.2.1 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

    A study may use both the qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis method or either of the approaches. However, this study will employ the quantitative method, which uses a survey technique. The main instrument for collection of the data will be a questionnaire, which will contain closed-ended questions. A semi-structured questionnaire will be designed in a way that allows collection of both the statistical data (Magruk 2015, p. 239). The questionnaire will contain questions that are arranged from simple demographic questions to those that appertain to the objectives of the study. The advantages of using the questionnaires stem from but not limited to the aspects of time, cost, reliability, and effort involved (Fink 2010, p. 78). The data analysis will be conducted using the SPSS computer software to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the data analysis.

    3.3 The Research Instrument.

    There are manifold reasons why the research will use the questionnaire instead of the other survey tools. First, the method is economical because it saves the cost, time, and effort of gathering the information. The cost of printing the questionnaires will even be reduced by the additionally cheap online instruments. The researcher will take little time and cost less effort to collect the data as would be when using the experimentation and other techniques (Tuckman, and Harper 2012, p. 14). The online integration will………………………

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