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    Qualia Resort Service Strategies

    Table of Contents
    1. What is Qualia Resort? 4
    Products offered by Qualia Resort 4
    2. The Qualia employees in service Process 5
    a. Qualia’s Employee Qualification and Training 5
    b. Role of Qualia Employees 5
    i. Employees as Managers 5
    ii. Employees as marketers 5
    iii. Qualia employees as technical experts 5
    iv. Employees as team players 6
    v. Qualia’s human resource Strategy used in Enhancing Customer Satisfaction 6
    vi. Hiring the right workers 6
    vii. Training workers 6
    viii. Provision of support systems 6
    ix. Retaining the best workers 7
    3. The role of Customers in services Delivery at Qualia Resort 7
    a. The customer as a Productive Resource 7
    b. Customer as Competitors 8
    c. Strategies used by Qualia Resort in enhancing customer participation 8
    i. Assessment of the customer’s role 8
    ii. Recruitment of customers to the created roles 8
    iii. Grouping customers through segmentation 8
    d. Factors that Enhance Customer participatory role in Qualia Resort 9
    i. Relative advantage 9
    ii. Compatibility 9
    iii. Simplicity 9
    iv. Trialability 9
    4. Qualia’s Blue Print for Overnight Hotel Stay 9
    Components of the Blueprint 9
    i. Customer actions 9
    ii. Onstage 10
    iii. Backstage 10
    iv. Support processes 10
    v. Physical evidence 10
    Standardization 11
    a. Hard Standards 11
    i. Reliability 11
    ii. Empathy 11
    iii. Responsiveness 12
    b. Soft standards 12
    Customization 12
    5. Conclusion 12
    7. References 14

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