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    Problems with the War Power Act

    Fundamentally, the constitution accords the US president the authority of being the commander in chief of the US forces. On the other hand, the Congress is accorded powers to declare war and power to release funds for war purposes. However, there has been a disagreement between the US president and its Congress on their roles concerning the decision to get in a war. Another challenge was that the Supreme Court refused to settle the issue constitutionally. Thus, it is right to conclude that the central law, which is the war power solution of 1973 needs to be amended because it has proven ineffective. In this regard, effectiveness is associated with consultation between the Congress and the president before a war is declared. In my opinion, I tend to agree with Warren Christopher and James Baker that the breakdown in the consultation is the cause of ineffectiveness.

    Significance of the Proposed War Powers Consultation Committee
    Members of the joint consultation committee will include the leaders of both the house and senate, chairman of the committee, and the chair and ranking of all the key committee members of both the house and the senate. In my opinion, setting up the new consultation committee will provide an improvement in the existing war powers act. To be witnessed for the first time in history, the joint consultation committee to be formed will have a qualified staff. Additionally, the new committee will be constantly updated regarding the security intelligence of the nation. This will provide a difference in statute operation. The new war power consultation Act of 2009 will ensure cons………………………

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