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Preventing Medication Errors

Final Project
1. Demonstrate the ability to identify a quality improvement need.
2. Demonstrate the ability identify the appropriate target population for the need.
3. Assess the target populations needs regarding the identified quality improvement.
4. Discuss the appropriate process for developing the policy related to the quality improvement.
5. Identify the appropriate chain of command for implementing a policy regarding the quality improvement process.
6. Discuss the appropriate timeline and chain of command for evaluating and revising the policy related to the quality improvement process.

Look around your place of work. There are usually many procedures and policies regulating the actions of staff for patient safety. Polices attempt to standardize care and help drive positive outcomes for the organization and most importantly for the patients. Policies are stated in the absolute; shall or will. They are directives. Your organization will have several policies. In this course, you are to explore the process required in developing good policies and getting them implemented. This is similar to the process for developing laws as explained in your textbook. Think of the nursing process: Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate. In developing a policy, nurses follow this pattern. In this assignment, you will delineate this process for a particular nursing topic.

Final Project Instructions:
Your assignment is to write a paper on how you would develop a policy (new or revised policy) to address an issue identified in a practice setting:
A) You may use as many references as you need to for this document to bring the best EBP to your project.
B) This writing assignment should adhere to APA style.
C) Project must be between 3-5 pages NOT including the title page and reference list.
**Please do not use any facility names in your document for confidentiality purposes.
If you submit the incorrect paper or to the wrong submission site there are no resubmissions permitted. Please pay close attention to the draft you are submitting.

1) You are to delineate processes for getting the policy adopted and implemented within that practice setting. Using these “steps” as headings for your paper elaborated on the required items listed here.
2) The introduction is to cover basic information about the topic supported by research and the need for such a policy. Consider and include, at a minimum, potential issues related to safety, culture, collaboration, finances, information management, and resource utilization, if applicable, when writing this assignment.
A. Who are the people directly addressed in the policy? Includes internal and external people:
Internal=within the organization.
External=Those coming into the organization such as vendors.
B. What are the needs/wants of the identified people? How will you identify their needs/wants?
C. How will the policy respond to their needs/wants? What does the policy and/or procedure provide for these people?
D. What processes and/or procedures will be needed to produce results to meet the need for the identified people.
E. Who will be responsible for implementing this policy – What is your institution’s process for policy development and revision?
3) You must follow the steps identified above and support your narrative (paper) with evidence from the scholarly nursing literature. Use Headings in your paper to indicate section topics.
4) This assignment must be submitted via Turnitin on the Moodle home page. Always check that your submission was uploaded properly and do not wait until the last minute to upload your document.

Do not use the following example for your assignment:
Perhaps some patients are complaining about wait times in the emergency room. You identify the need for establishing a policy for managing this situation separating minor injuries/ illnesses from more serious issues.

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