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    Watch short clip:

    Video: Five Dysfunctions of a Team 

    Lencioni, P. (2013, November 20).  5 Dysfunctions of a Team [Video post].  Retrived from 


     Schedule a team teleconference and discuss the findings.  Develop a brief synopsis of how the team performed:  Focus on the following areas briefly: TEAM CONFERENCE WAS ALREADY DONE.. IT IS A TEAM 4 INDIVIDUALS. FOCUS ON AREAS 2-4.. 

    • Area 1:  Using an averaged scoring approach created a tabulated, rank order how the team performed.  This table should also include the range of scores from the team, the most frequently occurring score.
    • Area 2:  Selecting two of the Dysfunctions as described by Lencioni (one that the team rarely exhibited and one that the team usually exhibited, brainstorm what worked and why; brainstorm what didn’t work and why?
    • Area 3:  Moving forward:  Assuming that you were to convene the same team for a different project for class, what context would you create to reinforce those behaviors that were conducive to perceived beneficial outcomes of the team; what behaviors would you want to mitigate to avoid a negative team impact.  How would the team propose that those principles be inculcated to the team?
    • Area 4:  Were there any surprises that this exercise yielded?  If there were no surprises, why does the team think that was the case?


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