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    Positive aspects of Celebrity endorsement

    Celebrity endorsement has become a trend in the global markets today. Numerous multinational organizations such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and many others are using celebrities to endorse their products. This is mainly because of the different positive aspects associated with celebrity endorsement. Firstly, celebrity endorsement allows the organizations to break the clutter in the market. Clutter is one of the major problems that the organizations are facing today. Clutter may be defined as the chaos that is one the media vehicles because of high number of advertisements (Fill, 2002). It is usually seen that the consumers are attentive towards the advertisement or may not recall it as they are exposed to a high number of advertising efforts every day. However, with the help of celebrity endorsement, an organization can easily catch the attention of the customers and also make sure that the consumers recall it at the time of purchase decision. This will happen because a popular celebrity (who can be a role model for many) is a part of the advertisement. Secondly, Celebrity endorsement allows an organization to increase the sales of the company. This implies that the organizations can easily shape a positive consumer behavior towards the product and the organization if a celebrity endorses it. This is easily visible in the


    YearAdvertising expenses (with celebrity)Sales (in billions)

    Source: Hussain & Shah, (2012)

    The above mentioned figures have been……………

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