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    Pols 372


    1.  You will be required to annotate 15 sources. (Maximum of 4 of your sources should address your case study).  PLEASE NUMBER YOUR CITATIONS 1-15.

    2.  The sources must be from academic/scholarly periodicals or books.   Sources acquired through Http: addresses are acceptable however, they must be from credible academic institutions, and should be conference/academic papers (e.g. University of Michigan, not a university or a government web page, etc.).  Be careful of NGO websites or international institutions (UN, WHO, etc.) or official government websites such as the CIA, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.  If you don’t know who the author is, you can’t use the source.


    3.  You should provide a clear summary of the material listed. Vague statements and terms are not considered proper annotations. Make sure to annotate in the same way from source to source (as discussed in class).

    IMPORTANT—You MUST indicate the research questions/hypothesis put forth in the analysis. What is the researcher seeking to explain?  What are they studying? What is their unit of analysis?  Remember this assignment will help you with your literature review. The literature review allows you to place your topic in the proper theoretical context.  You will use these sources in your literature review.

    4.  In your annotation you should also indicate the nature of the source/research/line of reasoning–whether it is inductive, deductive, normative, or empirical (qualitative or quantitative or neo eclectic). See Chapters 1-5 of Babbie.  Don’t use these terms unless you know what they mean. If normative, how can you tell?

    5.  In addition to annotating the reference, you MUST explain the significance of the reference to your topic.  This should be the last sentence in the annotation and you should bold the word “significance”.

    6.  Your annotated bibliography must be typed in Word.  Please single-space the annotation and double space between references.  Do not double-space your annotations.

    7.  Your references must be alphabetized (according to the author’s last name) and you should use the format citation style listed in the guidelines.

    8.  This is very important—Make sure to state your general topic and possible research questions at top of your annotated bib.

    9.  All scholarly articles must have full citations.  Book Reviews are not acceptable sources.  Do not use excessive quotes; there should be little direct quoting and all quoting/paraphrasing must have page numbers.

    10.  At the end of your annotated bibliography please write a paragraph (single spaced) explaining the themes that you have identified in the literature.  What are some commonalities? What are some differences?  Do scholars agree or disagree? What are some observations you can make about the literature written on this topic?  You should have a brief discussion of the literature (do the best that you can)! 

    Definition of Terms

    Normative:  What ought to be; striving towards an ideal; (as reflected in political philosophy).

    Empirical:  What is; research based on observation.

    Neo eclectic:  Research/Analysis that is both Normative and Empirical in nature. 

    Two Types of Empirical Research:

    1. Qualitative Analysis:  Empirical research that is descriptive, detail oriented.

    2. Quantitative Analysis:  Empirical research based on quantified data/ statistical analysis.

    this is my  15 sources

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