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    Please identify a tough problem that you are committed to addressing as a future business leader.

    Please respond to one of the following essay:

    1). Business leaders have the ability to create opportunities, build products and systems, and inspire others to action. Please describe a time you created an opportunity, built a new product or system, or inspired others to act. The example you provide and elaborate upon may come from your professional endeavors, academic pursuits or civic engagements. (300-500 words)

    2). Please tell us about a major accomplishment you have experienced in your professional or academic life. What did achieving this accomplishment teach you about yourself? (300-500 words).

    3). Please identify a tough problem that you are committed to addressing as a future business leader. What role will you play in the solution? What skills and abilities do you have (or might you need to acquire) to tackle this task? (300-500 words)

    4). Please provide any additional clarifying information that you wish to share with the Admissions committee regarding your academic record, personal history or professional attributes. (300-500 words).

    5). What challenges you the most (i.e. area in need of improvement)? How have you worked to overcome this limitation? (300-500 words)

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