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    How does your personality affect your performance?

    Answer Each Question in  two different 100+ word answers

    1.How does your personality affect your performance?

    2.How does the perception process affect the quality of my decisions and interpersonal relationships?

    3. Write a summary of the transcript below

    MGT312 Individual Differences, Perception, and Diversity Transcript Speakers: Angowelo Kinicki, Ph.D. ANGELO KINICKI, PH.D.: Hi. I’m Dr. Angelo Kinicki. In this week’s readings, you are going to be studying two important topics, individual differences and perception and diversity. Now knowledge of individual differences is really important. For example, Larry Bossidy, former CEO of Allied Signal and Honeywell and Ram Charan, a well-known academic consultant, they studied what it takes to be a good leader and you’d be surprised to learn what they found the number one trait was. Self-awareness. That’s correct. And you’re going to be taking self-awareness assessments in this class that will help you to be aware of the individual differences that drive all of our behavior. What is an individual difference? It’s things like personality, age, gender, and we know from research that personality affects our behavior. You will learn about your personality. You will learn how certain kinds of personalities are people who tend to be more successful. You’re also going to learn about perception and I’ll tell you something, the older I get, the more I learn that perception is critical for everything. Perception is like my glasses. When I take the glasses off, I can’t see. When I put them on, it’s clear what I can see. Perceptions guide everything we see and what we think and how we lead and how we behave. Understanding of that process will help you to be more effective at home as well as work. [End of Audio]

    4.Write a summary of the transcript below

    MGT312 Question Can a Person be Type A and Type B Transcript Speakers: Angelo Kinicki, Ph.D. ANGELO KINICKI, PH.D.: Ashley from Maryland wants to know if you can be type A and type B at the same time. The answer is no, not really. Type A and type B are two separate buckets if you will. You’re either this one or that one. Maybe a better way to put it is it’s a continuum. So you can be low on type A which makes you closer to B, but no, you can’t be the same thing. They’re opposites. The type A’s are all super driving hard whereas type B’s are more laid back. Very few people are both.

    5.Write a summary of the transcript below

    MGT312 Question Can You Change Behavior Without Extrinsic Rewards Transcript Speakers: Angelo Kinicki, Ph.D. ANGELO KINICKI, PH.D.: Marilyn from Montana wants to know if you can really change behavior without using extrinsic rewards and Marilyn, the answer is yes you can. You can change behavior by influencing peoples’ beliefs. We know from OB theory that beliefs drive behavior. So if you want to change behavior, change beliefs. For example, if I want someone to be more motivated, I can offer them the chance to work on a meaningful project. That is not necessarily an extrinsic reward. It’s a more intrinsic reward based on doing interesting, meaningful work. So you can offer that to people and that can motivate them. You can also alter peoples’ motivation by again influencing other things they belief about the work environment, by behaving in such a way that you demonstrate that the company cares about employees. Therefore people believe this is a positive place and I want to work harder. So I believe the answer is yes. You can change behavior outside of using extrinsic rewards. In fact, research shows that intrinsic rewards have a longer impact on behavior than extrinsic ones. [End of Audio]

    Answer Each Question in  two different 100+ word answers

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