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    Personal Improvement Plan Project

    Personal Improvement Plan Project (150 points)


    1. Select one area of personal health self-improvement
      1. Consider physical, social, emotional, spiritual health.
      2. Consult or complete “Add It Up!” page 397 in the textbook (optional).
      3. Consider family history related to disease.
      4. Select an area that you truly want to improve upon.
    2. Read Chapter 1 in course textbook, paying special attention to the behavior change models.
      1. Health Belief Model
      2. Transtheoretical Model
    3. Research the health information and skills related to the area you plan to improve. This information will be used to create a plan that is physically and psychologically sound.
    4. Create your plan by completing the SMART Goals for Lasting Change worksheet. The SMART Goals worksheet is due on February 13.  Please complete the form, print and hand it to me in class.  Do not email this form.  You will receive your approved plan with recommendations and suggestions on February 27.  Everyone will begin plan implementation on Sunday, March 4 and will progress for 8 weeks until Saturday, April 27.
    5. Journal entry: You are required to make one journal entry per week.  You can keep the journal any way you choose, however, having a small booklet where you hand write your entries is the most effective.  However, you can make your entries as a word-processed document.  At least once during the plan implementation 8-week period I will request to see your journal, so I can make comments and suggestions.  At the end of the 8-week period you will make a final journal entry. Final journey entries are due May 8.
      1. What to write about in a journal entry:
        1. Challenges
        2. How you overcame or addressed challenges
    • Successes
    1. Program adjustments
    2. How you are feeling currently with your plan

    Grade:  Your grade is based on completing all steps of the plan, weekly reflections and final journal entry.  If you work on your goal and are honest with your self and me, you will do well on this project.  Whether or not you achieve your goal has no effect on your grade.  The process, evaluating the process and reflection on success and failure are the skills I am looking for you to achieve.


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