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    Hello i need a good and positive comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  90 words.


    Kimberly Cupps 

    2 posts

    Re:Topic 1 DQ 1

    Graphics and/or statistics can be used to represent or misrepresent data by poor selection methods that affect the accuracy of the data because of an individuals biased opinion if they are getting a monetary “kick back” or sometimes it can be without the person realizing there is a problem.

    An example would be poor data response or inaccurate information. An example would be in census data. This can occur when one segment of the population is over-represented in the selection either intentionally or unintentionally. Even a random selection method can yield a poor sample if the sample size is too small or the entire population was not known or identified to be possibly included in the sample whether intention or unintentionally.

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