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Term and Conditions


Essays and Dissertations Help is a website for a company that takes the customers privacy seriously. The privacy policy of the company highlights the process of collecting and using the information provided by the customers. The policy may undergo changes when necessary and when such happens it will often be reflected on the website.

1 : Essays and dissertations help is committed to protecting the customer’s privacy and it does not share the customer’s private information such as the data of the credit card with any other parties. It has a reliable and secure online payment system for processing transactions and prevents the likelihood of the clients losing the data on their credit card.

2 : Some pages on the firm’s site require the clients to provide their home address, phone number, and email address, for instance, when filling the order form. Such information is not used for any other purposes other than communication and verification concerning the order request. Also, extra files that the clients might provide for passing the verification process are deleted from the database of the company when the verification process is completed.

3 : The company prohibits direct contact between the writers and customers for safety of customer’s personal information. The customer can use all the other interactive features provided by the company for the purposes ensuring smooth completion of the order and there is a qualified team available all day and night to help on the same.

4 : The information provided by customers in the order form and in the additional files required for the completion of the order is visible to the writer only on confirmation of payment. The firm undertakes no responsibility for the disclosed information deliberately by the client during order placement, and the company recommends the customers to avoid including billing or personal information such as phone number, email address, and others in the order files. Also, a customer is encouraged to avoid disclosing their identities during communication with writers through the messaging stem.


1 : The service offered by the company employs the use of personalized writing and research experts for provision of customized writing to the customers to help them complete their assignments among other academic obligations. Therefore, the company does not guarantee customers better grades after submitting product to the academic institutions. The agreement’s purpose is to deliver the clients with unique reference paper according to the client’s instructions. The firm provides a service intended for the purposes of research and reference. Moreover, the firm is not liable for the customer’s inability to understand the information enclosed by the product or the usage of the research improperly.

2 : The company owns the intellectual property and the client has the exclusive rights or permission of using the product for 6 months. After the expiry of six months, the company regains all the rights of the product.


1 : Order placement: It is the client’s obligation to register using correct cell phone numbers and email address when filling order forms so that communication is possible. During order preparation, multiple occasions might be possible when it is crucial to establish the contact with the clients. When the customer fails to provide and correct phone number and email address, their order completion may be affected resulting in the violation of the terms and conditions. Such may lead to forfeiture of claims to the guarantee by the firm. Usually, before the customer pays for the entire amount of the services or products, the company cannot commence working on customer’s order. Also, the company is not responsible or liable for the customer’s failure to pay in time. The client must be specific and attentive when filling the details of the form to avoid frustrations brought about by forfeiture. Moreover, the company’s membership discounts are not applicable to papers involving multiple questions, both non-framed and framed. Again, the client can use discount to minimize the prices of products only when the customer is eligible to it. Special offers and discounts on the firm’s services and products will not always be used together or combined with additional services.

2 : Instructions: Instructions must be precise and clear because the firm works based on the instructions provided by the customer. When the instructions are unclear and there is need for the additional services for the order completion, but when the customer fails to provide them within the required schedule, the firm will not fulfill guarantee or warranty and it cannot be held liable. Furthermore, the client is warned that on completion of an order and the customer is not contended, the revision requests must not differ from the earlier instructions and the original order descriptions. The changes that a customer will attempt to make on the initial requirements will be considered as editing of instructions. Such is an extra service and the firm cannot conduct free requests different from the requirements of the initial paper. The additional services and instructions have to be sent before the writer starts tackling the order. When the client fails to meet the named requirements, the agreement becomes violated hence forfeiture of all the guarantees or warranty.

3 : Sources: The writers are required to use any appropriate sources for the order completion, notably, journals, books, online publications, newspapers, interviews and others, unless the customer specifies a source that a writer should use or requests some sources to be overlooked. Also, if the client requires some special sources necessary for the order completion, the firm demands the client to deliver them within the stipulated time as highlighted:

  • 48hours-11 days: The customer must provide all the sources within the first 60 minutes
  • 12hours or less-the customer should submit instructions and sources within the first 20 minutes
  • 12-24 hours-the sources and instructions must be submitted within the first 1 hour.

Failure to adhere to the stated requirements will lead to a abuse of the contract and forfeiture of all claims to the guarantee or warranty is unavoidable.

4 : Academic level matching: The customer shall assume all the responsibility and liability in case the desired academic or quality level chosen is wrong. It is the responsibility of the customer to select the right level of academic for the order at hand. Such should be done during the placement of the order. However, when the customer realizes the error made during placement of the order, the client can contact support personnel immediately for assistance.


This is a convenient and tranquil way of communication. The customer has a duty of checking messages on the messaging platform for updates from the support team or writer. Also, the customer can address any concerns, questions, or provide additional requirements immediately. Neglect or failure to check the updates can never be a reason to claim refunds of the services rendered. In case the client is not aware of how to use the Messaging System, the client should contact the customer care team for help.


The firm has a right of refusing to process or resubmitting the clients’ order when there is inconsistence in details or the original description of the order does not match. When customer fails to provide the required details or choses the incorrect product, the request of the deadline or the promotion of academic level will need additional payments. It is important to understand that the company does this so that the processing of the customer’s order is effective and the required writer is assigned to complete the order. Also, the customer is contacted in case there is need for approval of any additional request or charges.


The customer should maintain constant communication with the support team or writer to monitor the progress s of the order through the messaging system on the website. Here are some possible status of an order.

  • Unpaid meaning that the order has been submitted to the company’s and the client must make compensation before a writer is assigned to start working on it.
  • On progress, whereby a writer is working on the order
  • Order completed. Meaning that the order is uploaded and clients can review and download from their accounts.
  • Order is returned for revision- the product is undergoing revision according to the instructions provided by the customer.
  • Hold- means that the support personnel have put the order on hold and the author is no longer working on it. The client should contact the support team or visit personal profiles on the messaging board for any updates.
  • Cancelled means that the firm or the writer has terminated the order request

A client may need a draft from the writer, but the firm cannot promise a draft if the order is urgent, say, between 3-48 hours.


During order placement, the customer can indicate the preferred writer to work on the order. The company has a right of declining preferred writer requests based on the history of the writer, lateness issues, and recent quality that might hinder the order completion. The firm informs the client about its decision and provides materials for support. However, in case the client insists on a particular writer, the firm will not be held liable for the failure of the writer to deliver a high quality order on time. Accordingly, there is no guarantee of refunds from the company.


The company strives to satisfy all the customers. However, the company cannot be held responsible or liable for issues associated with delivery such as incorrect email, spam filters, and general neglect. Issues such as lack of internet, which are beyond the company’s control, cannot make the business be held liable. The availability of the support team assists the customers with problems on the process of order delivery. Moreover, the company cannot be liable or responsible for the customer’s failure to download the product after the timely product delivery. No refund is guaranteed and the customer will be billed for the rendered service so that the workers can be paid for the work done.


Protection of the billing data of the clients and the elimination of the fraud is a priority taken seriously by the firm. The company has an obligation of protecting the credit card holders who purchase its products. Consequently, because of the nature of the business of the company, the product type, and the fact that electronic means are used in delivery, the process of delivery does not require handwritten signature. Moreover, the company has the right to requesting the customers to provide the following:

  • photocopy of credit card, its digit or numbers can be covered apart from the last four
  • photocopy of the customers identity card
  • Authorization code form from the client’s bank

Scanner, cellphone, digital camera, can make the mentioned documents. Everything that the customer provides so that they can pass the process of verification can never be shared with any other parties. The duplicates requested can only be used for verification of the identity of the customer. In fact, for the security of the client, the documents and files send for verification are destroyed after completion of verification. Moreover, the customer has the responsibility of complying when the billing information is requested for verification. Such will ensure that billing information meets the procedures and the antifraud policies of the company. The verification must be completed in the time schedule below:

  • Orders to be delivered within 48-10 days the billing information of the customer must be verified within the first 8 hours so that guarantee and implied warranty is respected.
  • The orders whose level of urgency is between 12hours- 1day requires the client to verify the billing information within the first 60 minutes to have a right to guarantees or any other warranty.
  • Also, the orders with urgency of 12 hours or less requires the client to provide the billing information in the first 20 minutes to comply with any guarantee or warrantees. Failure to do this leads to the violation of terms of agreement and forfeiture of guarantee and implied warranty.

Lastly, unlawful use of a credit that is stolen is forbidden and will be reported to the law administration organs for investigations. The firm has close ties with the criminal authorities in efforts of fighting cybercrimes and reporting the fake orders for trial.


The firm has the obligation of terminating any order in case there is no communication or cooperation from the client that leads to suspicion that the client might be engaging in fraudulent activities or because the action affects the completion of the order. Such circumstances cannot be guaranteed reimbursement by the company. Every case undergoes clear analysis and the final decision will depend on numerous factors, and the company has a responsibility of taking action on specific conditions of each case.


The firm understands the policy of revision as services of courtesy provided to the clients to assist them get total contentment with the completed order. The client is required to provide revision request within the 14 days from the product’s completion date and within one month for any thesis, dissertation chapters, thesis proposal, dissertation, thesis proposal, among other huge assignments. If the client misses the deadline policy, the client may select the order to be revised for extra payment or place a new order for the service of editing. Also, the company’s quality assurance department has the right of limiting the number of revisions requests or declining the revision requests in cases like unreasonable assignment return, changes in initial instructions, abuse of revision option, advantage of the writer, and others. Most importantly, when the request infringes on the original requirements, the Department of Quality Assurance has an obligation of declining it. Again, if the request falls within guidelines stated, the firm will be delighted to revise the client’s order to meet the initial requirements at no extra cost.


The ordered product or service is guaranteed to be unique and delivered to the client within the stipulated time. Again, the orders are investigated by anti-plagiarism software to ensure 100% original products. The company does not tolerate plagiarism cases whatsoever. Also, in case the customer wishes to terminate an order, it is only prior to the writer finishing it. The following details are fundamental to the customer.

1 : The customer must express all the cancelations and refunds requests in writing or emailing the customer care staff or use the messaging system on the website. In the sorry event of the customer failing to be satisfied by the delivered product after a deadline, the client can request full or partial refund. It is the decision of the company to accept or decline requests from the customers.

2 : If the requests are made because of products poor quality, the client must provide strong evidence for claiming refunds. It is only when the extended violation list is provided that the company can forward the product to the Quality Assurance Department for investigations purposes and request approval. Also, the firm can ask for extra materials or evidence to support the requests of refund. As a result, when the mentioned documents or information is not provided, the company can decline refunds.

3 : When the refund requests are not received within 72 hours after the completion of the order, the company assumes that the client is contented with the delivered product and the client is ineligible to request refunds.

4 : When the full refund is paid or the order is unpaid in circumstances where the service rendered has been delivered, the author retains the full authorship of the order and has the right to use, distribute, share, or resell to other parties. The client should not use the delivered order for any reasons.

5 : The client has no responsibility for failing to understand the material enclosed by the product or incorrect use of the research and no refunds will be made in case the customer fails to get a particular grade.

6 : The firm has the obligation of contacting a client by email regarding special offers, new services, discounts, among any information the company may find fundamental to its clients.The store credits that are accepted by the clients as payment for inconveniences are non-refundable. If not used in the next 365 days from the day it was accrued, issued store credits shall automatically be debited from the customer’s account and will cease to exist.

The Short Messaging Service alerts provide the clients with alerts on their cell phones in text messages form. On placement of an order, the client will receive updates and alerts from the firm. Moreover, the firm has an obligation of modifying or altering the short message alerts without seeking the consent of the client. For instance, such can be possible when informing the customers about the changes in special offers and discounts. The company shall not be held responsible for extra charges for the such SMS alerts that will be charged by the client’s provider of SMS services.

Amendments: The company has the right to modify, revise, amend or change any or all the provisions of this agreement. The client agrees to be bound by all the adjustments, revisions, and amendment as considered in this agreement, by the continued version of the services of the company. Also, the client has the obligation of reviewing this terms and conditions when necessary, and the amendments will be reflected on these website.



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