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    Option #2: Visual Basic .NET Application – Coding Exercise 2 (Exercise 5, Zak, 2016, p. 575)

    Option #2: Visual Basic .NET Application – Coding Exercise 2 (Exercise 5, Zak, 2016, p. 575)

    An application contains the Structure statement shown here.

    Structure Computer Public strModel As String Public decCost As DecimalEnd Structure

    • Create a VB.Net Windows Form application named ComputerProject_YourName. Change the name property of your form to frmMain.
    • Add the Computer Structure to the public class frmMain.
    • Add 2 text box controls and a command button to your form. Change the name properties of the controls to txtModel, txtCost, and btnExecute respectively. Change the Text property of the button to “Execute”.
    • In the btnExecute click event, write a Dim statement that declares a 10-element one-dimensional array of Computer variables. Name the array business.
    • Then write an assignment statement that assigns the value of txtModel to the strModel member contained in the first array element.
    • Write an assignment statement that assigns the number the value of txtCost to the decCost member contained in the first array element.
    • Set a breakpoint next to you’re the Dim statement of your business array. See page 829 in your text for how to set breakpoints in VB.Net or search online.
    • Run the form. Populate txtModel with “AR456”, and txtCost with 699.99.
    • Click the Execute button. If set correctly execution should stop at the breakpoint.
    • Use the Debug menu or shortcut keys to step through the code. All code should execute without error.

    Assignment Deliverables:

    • The zip file containing the Visual Studio solution and project files.
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