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    Nursing Theory Application

    Assignment: Nursing Theory Application
    Assignment Objectives: This assignment requires students to demonstrate the ability to:
    1. Identify a relevant theory to inform a student identified practice problem/issue.
    2. Summarize the scope, purpose, concepts, assumptions, and propositions of the theory.
    3. Discuss how the theory can be applied to the scenario to influence and inform practice.
    4. Submit scholarly work in APA (6th edition) format.
    • Describe a scenario relevant to your practice (you may use a scenario from the PICOT/
    Search assignment or develop a new scenario; scenarios may be related to clinical
    practice, leadership, or education).
    • Explore nursing and shared theories from your textbook or other scholarly sources.
    • Choose one theory to explore in relation to the scenario, obtain detailed primary sources
    to inform your writing. (Students may not use Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory).
    • Briefly describe the rationale for choosing the theory.
    • Summarize the scope, purpose, concepts, propositions, and assumptions of the theory.
    • Describe the populations or setting where the use of this theory might be relevant.
    • Explain how the theory could be applied in relation to the patient presented in the clinical
    Dev. 5/2016mlk, rev. 2/2017, 1/2018
    The scenario should not be greater than one page in length. Must use required text books (two)
    as reference and four other scholarly sources throughout the paper. The assignment should
    be prepared according to APA style (6th Edition). It should include a title page, be double spaced
    with appropriate margins, use headings appropriately, and include a reference page as applicable.
    Rubric/Grading Criteria: The assignment will be worth a total of 100 points.
    Present a scenario that will serve as the basis of the paper. 10 points
    Choose a relevant theory to explore. Include rationale for choice. 10 points
    Summarize the scope and purpose of the theory 10 points
    Summarize the concepts of the theory. 15 points
    Summarize the assumptions & propositions of the theory. 15 points
    Describe populations or settings where the theory is relevant 10 points
    Explain application of the theory to the patient in the clinical scenario. 20 points
    APA Style, use of at least 5 scholarly sources to inform writing. 10 points
    Required Textbooks:
    Melnyk, B.M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2015). Evidence-based practice in nursing &
    healthcare: A guide to best practice (3rd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer/
    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
    McEwen, M. & Wills, E.M. (2014). Theoretical basis for nursing (4th ed.). Philadelphia,
    PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
    Dev. 5/2016mlk, rev. 2/2017, 1/2018
    Recommended Texts:
    Davies, B. & Logan, J. (2018). Reading research: A user-friendly guide for health
    professionals (6th ed.). Toronto, ON: Elsevier.
    LoBiondo-Wood, G. & Haber, J. (2014).Nursing research: Methods and critical appraisal
    for evidence-based research (8thed.). St. Louis, MI: Mosby.
    Dev. 5/2016mlk, rev. 2/2017, 1/2018

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