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    Nominal, ordinal, interval – Discuss the assumptions

    Please help with revising my final paper, here are the points i need help revising:

    There are multiple areas that need to be addressed. The first area is that you need to identify what type of variables were used for the analysis (nominal, ordinal, interval) and explain why so you might say “Gender was used in the analysis and was considered a nominal variable due to being placed in a categorical format”. The next thing is that I think you were discussing the assumptions of the study. The paper wants you to discuss the assumptions of an ANOVA and if those assumptions were met by the study. Here are the basic assumptions of an anova. Independence of cases – this is an assumption of the model that simplifies the statistical analysis. Normality – the distributions of the residuals are normal. Equality (or “homogeneity”) of variances, called homoscedasticity… The third thing is clearly discussing the research question an null and alternative hypothesis to where it is clearly seen. Example: Does the gender of an individual influence their gpa scores? Null: Gender does not influence gpa scores. Alternative: Gender does influence GPA scores. The fourth thing is clearly discussing the strengths and limitations of the study. Most studies have this clearly laid out in the article under a section titled “Limitations”. You should be able to look in the final part of the particle and identify this. The last thing is that your instructor referred to the use of citations and making sure the information you cite matches your article information and when putting a quotation in the paper, that you cite the page number as well as the author and year. (Johnson, 2015, p. 18)

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