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New Leadership Strategies by Shaping in Business Ecosystem

Read the material provided and answer those 5 questions below: average will be 110 words per answer – or as necessary.

1.How would you approach strategy making and implementation, being part of a business ecosystem?

2.What business ecosystem is now developing beyond the ‘industry’ that you are operating in?

3.How would you assist in co-shaping a relevant business ecosystem, and how would this affect your firm’s/ organization’s purpose and goals? (refer to the nature of platforms and apps, and APIs and SDKs)?

4.What types of roles do you foresee for your firm/organization in business ecosystem(s)? Why?

5.What approaches and methods could you use in developing ecosystem leadership capabilities in your firm/ organization?

Here are 5 sources of references + 6 others in PDF to be uploaded; PLEASE DO USE ONLY THOSE 11 SOURCES OF REFERENCE AS PROVIDED;


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