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    Endorsement of products by celebrities forms one of the key strategies used by business people for the purpose of letting potential buyers know about their goods and services. The influence that celebrities have gets employed to attract customers which in turn increases the brand’s popularity as well as profitability. For this reason, the use of celebrities is widespread because people view them as individuals with attractive, dynamic, and likeable traits. This study focuses on the impact that negative publicity of a celebrity may have on endorsement as a marketing strategy on male consumers. Brand owners, as well as marketers, are concerned with the elimination of negative publicity that may result to unfavorable evaluations by users concerning the name and image of their brand. The objective of the survey was to assess the impact of negative publicity of celebrity endorsement on male consumers. The study got conducted using a survey technique whereby 201 respondents gave answers to a questionnaire following a random sampling method. The data got collected through an online survey with both qualitative and quantitative approaches getting employed for analysis. Overall, the study findings indicated that the concept of celebrity endorsement had no significant influence on male consumers. However, depending on the age brackets of the individuals surveyed, some respondents got affected by celebrities endorsing products………

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