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    Need worksheet completed

    Read the article referenced below in the CSU Online Library, Academic Search Complete database. Barnett, D. J., Balicer, R. D., Blodgett, D., Fews, A. L., Parker, C. L., & Links, J. M. (2005). The Application of the Haddon Matrix to Public Health Readiness and Response Planning. Environmental Health Perspectives, 113(5), 561-566. doi:10.1289/ehp.7491c Using the examples provided, choose two of the following risks to complete the Haddon Matrix worksheet: 1. Cooking fire in the kitchen 2. Firefighter fatalities due to lack of seatbelt use in emergency vehicles 3. Flash flood in rural community 4. Falls in bathrooms of people age 65 and over in their homes. Using the Haddon Matrix worksheet document linked below, list in each block as many different causal and contributing factors as possible that need to be considered in the prevention and cause of an injury or risk. When complete, highlight the cell, or cells that lend themselves to the greatest opportunities to prevent and or mitigate risk. Click here to access the Haddon Matrix worksheet. Complete the worksheet, save it using your last name and student ID, and submit it. 

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