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    Minimal Statistics Baseline

    Minimal Statistics Baseline

    In Module 1, we discussed how statistics is like a language. For the last seven weeks, you have been immersed in statistics and, hopefully, you have noticed that in this time you have become less afraid of statistics, and less nervous about your ability to work with statistics. Soon, you will be on your own and in order to maintain (and improve) your level of comfort with statistics, and you will have to have a plan. You’ve heard the saying, ”The person who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

    With that in mind, please create and describe your “Minimal Statistics Baseline” or MSB. An MSB is the minimum amount of statistics you will commit to use going forward. The goal here is to set a minimum level that you know you will do consistently and not to aim too high. Rather than having a goal that is out of reach and that you may or may not accomplish, it is better to do something that you know you will be able to do consistently. It is always possible to do more if you feel like it. In your post, please describe your MSB and make sure you discuss the following:

    • How often will you focus on statistics (e.g., daily, weekly, or monthly)?
    • What kinds of activities will you do? (e.g., read a newspaper article and focus on understanding the statistics, look up what you don’t know instead of just passing over it; read a research article from the library; ask a question of someone who is an expert in statistics.)
    • Why do you think your MSB is appropriate for your current level of comfort with statistics and where you choose to go with it?
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