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    Mika Kobayashi

    Mika’s character portrays a simple young wife who looks forward to starting life with her husband. She appears charming, respectful, and innocent and a firm believer in true love. She takes on the role of a dutiful wife who takes care of her husband as expected of her. However, she gets angry when she stumbles on Daigo’s DVD and feels betrayed that he did not inform her. She changes from the loving and supporting wife to a cold person who views her husband as a stranger for taking on an ‘abnormal’ job. She decides to leave him and only comes back after realizing she is pregnant to try and persuade Daigo to quit his job. Her turning point arrives when she witnesses Daigo perform the funeral rituals on the bathhouse owner. She slowly starts embracing his profession and proudly announces it to the two careless morticians who mishandle Daigo’s father’s corpse. She quickly leaves her matrimonial home just because her husband would not try and look for a ‘normal’ job. She considers him unclean and ‘sick’ for taking on a job that has strong taboos attached to it (Hartley, 2). However, the same society still longs for affection and desire their relatives and families. Therefore, her decision to come back shows that the society still values the morticians and has gradually started to accept them.

    Mika represents the majority of the society who discriminate morticians and consider them impure. Regarding this, the Japanese society wishes their deceased to receive proper care but do not want to associate with those who perform the work. Therefore, Mika echoes the rest of the society’s sentiments and leaves just like the rest of the society distances itself to form the morticians. The Japanese look d…………………..

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