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    MGT 415 Week 3 Discussion Questions

    The file MGT 415 Week 3 Discussion Questions on the topic “Effective Leadership and Leader Attributes” comprises an answer on the following problem:

    ” Effective Leadership. Write a description of a time in your life when you engaged in your most significant and effective leadership performance that represents your standard of excellence as a leader. Describe the details of the situation, including the place where it occurred, when it took place, who was involved, what was your role, what were the results, and what (if any) recognition you received. Also, include what you learned about leadership from this experience. Conclude with your thoughts on what you attribute leadership to. Do you believe that leadership success is caused by traits of individuals, leadership styles used by leaders, the role/position one has in a group? Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.

    Leader Attributes. Go to YouTube and view Harvard Professor Linda Hill

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