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Measurement and Evaluation in HRD

You need to identify a peer-reviewed published paper on the subject of HRD/Tech measurement and evaluation and following the requirement below. You may choose any article in the reading list of this course. You may also select articles outside the reading list as long as they are relevant to the topic of this course. (Note: Please do not use articles from general or commercial websites. It has to have a journal title and volume/issue and page numbers.)
1. Begin the Critiques with a complete bibliographic citation in proper APA style
2. Briefly summarize why the article is important for students measurement and evaluation (M&E)(e.g., How does it relate to M&E in HRD? Why is it important to enhance our understanding in M&E? How important is the article to the field of HRD?)
3. Summarize the article’s content: No more than 2 pages and use your own words to paraphrase. Please avoid copying from the article abstract.
4. Discuss the practical applications (if any) of the article for practitioners. What should they be able to do or to learn regarding M&E after reading the article?
5. Be sure to critique the article, discuss any weaknesses or any occasions when you think the author’s theory, model, process or ideas won’t work and explain why with literature support. Note that a major portion of your grade will depend on the quality of your critiques.
6. The paper should be at least 6 double-spaced typed pages in length excluding cover page.
7. You are strongly encouraged to reference additional research or articles for a high quality paper. Please structure your writing with headings and subheadings.

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