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How would you measure performance in inventory control?

Accurate inventory management is an essential element of warehouse operations in order to provide excellent customer service and to control costs. Inventory is held in a warehouse for a number of different reasons that is be specific to a given industry or type of organization. Read the CSCMP Handbook Warehousing pages 90 to 97 and answer the following.

1. How would you measure performance in inventory control?

2. What do you think is a good inventory accuracy level?

Inventory always exists at various points in the supply chain to meet supply and demand needs. Failing to manage inventory well across the supply chain could have a detrimental effect on company performance. Read the CSCMP Handbook Inventory Management pages 51 to 53 and answer the following.

3. What is the bullwhip effect and how is it managed?

I will upload both handbooks as attached files 🙂

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