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    Male and female differences

    It has been usually seen that a major gender difference can be experienced in the consumer behavior studies (Assael, 2002). This implies that both the males and females have different purchasing patterns and styles that may or may not be affected by the external factors. According to a research conducted by Sharma (2014) with a sample size of 7000 respondents (3500 males and 3500 females), it was found that the males are more rational in their purchasing decisions where as the females are more emotive in their purchasing decisions. The research further highlighted that the external factors such as the negative word of mouth or negative publicity of a brand may have a huge impact on the purchasing behavior of the females. This is because the females might avoid a brand only because there is a negative word of mouth about it. However, the males are highly rational in their purchase decisions and hence they are not much affected by the negative publicity for a product or organization. This implies that the males might not even trust the negative word of mouth in the market and hence will first try to acquire full information about the issue. Even if the negative publicity is true about the brand but still some benefits can be retrieved from the brand, the males will still stick to the same. According to this research, approximately 78 percent of the male respondents clearly said that they are not much influenced by what the others say and hence will continue to make purchase from the brand that they personally prefer. This is mainly becau…………………….

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