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    Liu Hon Ying v Hua Xin State Enterprise (HK) Ltd [2003] 3 HKLRD 347 Statute: s. 275(1) of the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32)

    Thіs assіgnmеnt іs worth 50% of the course. The word limit of this assignment is 2,000 words, including endnotes/footnotes (but excluding bibliography). You are required to submit the assignment printed on double-sided A4 paper only. The font size of words must be of 12 with single line spacing. Please also note the following:
    (i) You are required to strictly adhere to the policy of City University of Hong Kong on plagiarism.
    (ii) For some of the questions, you may be required to conduct further research into the relevant law.
    (iii) Any sources for your answer should be footnoted or endnoted in the paper. You should cite authority (case law) to support your legal arguments, but again these sources should be noted. Examples of proper citation:
    Case: Liu Hon Ying v Hua Xin State Enterprise (HK) Ltd [2003] 3 HKLRD 347 Statute: s. 275(1) of the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32)
    (iv) If the length of your assignment exceeds the word limit, your lecturer will only mark up to 2,000 words, and no marks will be allocated for the extra words that you provide. Please provide a work count on the front page of your submission.
    (v) No extension to the deadline will be granted. Late assignments will result in one sub-grade deduction per day. No assignment will be accepted after 3 November 2017.
    (vi) You must write down your 1) FULL Name; 2) student number; 3) seminar section; 4) major and cohort on the cover page of your assignment; and 5) your tutor’s name.
    * NOTE: Five marks will be deducted if the above instructions are not strictly followed.

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