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List at least three norms, folkways, and mores of American society.

  1. List at least three norms, folkways, and mores of American society. How significant are these within the current American culture? If members from a past generation (e.g., your grandparents) made this list, would it look similar or different? In the same post, answer the following questions:
    • What do these differences or similarities imply about the social changes within our society?
    • How might these differ between an ideal and real society?
  2. Here are some examples to consider:
    • Folkways are a type of norm that creates structure. Raising one’s hand to speak in a lecture signifies a norm.
    • Mores focus on moral and immoral behaviors. Cohabitation prior to marriage might be considered immoral and result in negative responses from family members.
  3. Remember to fully explain and apply course material with educational support for consideration of credit.
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