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    List the five (5) volumes in the knowledge-building resources of the Creative Curriculum.

    Read Chapter 4 and answer the following questions:

    1.  What is the oldest approach to early education of young children curriculum?  Who was the founder?

    2.  Define sensitive periods and absorbent mind.

    3.  Describe the four (4) planes of development.

    4.  List the six (6) key components of Montessori applications.

    5.  What education is required for Montessori teachers?

    6.  What is a prepared environment?

    7.  Define didactic.

    8.  Describe sensorial materials and conceptual materials.

    9.  List several practical life skills that are part of the Montessori classroom.

    10.  What has been the impact of Montessori ideas?

    11.  What was the earliest American approach to early education curriculum?  What is the history and philosophy of that approach?

    12.  Describe each area:  competence; individuality; socialization, on two levels.

    13.  List six (6) important principles of development within the Bank Street Approach.

    14.  What is the basis of the classroom curriculum of a Bank Street Program?

    15.  What are the five (5) key social studies subjects.

    16.  What is the teacher’s role in the Bank Street approach?

    17.  Give the history and philosophy of the Waldorf Approach.

    18.  Define pedagogy and aesthetic.

    19.  What is eurythmy?  Describe the curriculum in the Waldorf approach.

    20.  What is the teacher’s role and required training in the Waldorf approach?

    21.  Describe the history and philosophy of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

    22.  Define progettazione.  List eight (8) concepts of the Reggio approach.

    23.  Define atelier, atelierista and pedagogista.

    24.  Describe the structure of the Reggio approach.

    25.  Explain what is meant by the environment as third teacher.

    26.   What is the core of the Reggio approach?

    27.  What is the teacher’s role in the Reggio approach?

    28.  Describe the history and philosophy of the HighScope Approach.

    29.  What materials and activities might be found in the HighScope classroom?

    30.  What is the teacher’s role in the HighScope approach?

    31.  Describe the history and philosophy of the Creative Curriculum.

    32.  List the five (5) guiding principles of the Creative Curriculum.

    33.  List the nine (9) essential features of the Creative Curriculum.

    34.  How is ongoing assessment linked to curriculum?

    35.  List the five (5) volumes in the knowledge-building resources of the Creative Curriculum.

    36.  Describe accountability and the Creative Curriculum.

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