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    List and explain three (3) appropriate options for insuring children’s safety.

    Read Chapter 7 and answer the following questions:

    1. Define environment and cognitive.

    2. Why is environment important in children’s growth and development?

    3. Why are the demands for quality early childhood programs on the increase?

    4. Name three (3) common characteristics of high-quality early care and education programs.

    5. List seven (7) additional concerns that parents should look for in quality programs.

    6. How might a parent search for a quality program?

    7. Define accreditation. What organization was responsible for voluntary accreditation in 1985? Why was this important?

    8. Define licensingregulationscompliance and registration.

    9. What is the importance of having a license for a child care program?

    10. List six (6) opportunities available for professional educational advancement.

    11. Name five (5) clearly defined conditions for being issued a license to operate an early childhood program.

    12. Define developmentally appropriate practices (DAP).

    13. List seven (7) developmental areas for which high-quality education programs plan learning experiences.

    14. Name six (6) important ways a program should address children’s health needs.

    15. Define notarized.

    16. List eight (8) considerations for indoor safety (listed as subtitles).

    17. List five (5) considerations for outdoor safety (listed as subtitles).

    18. Define cryptosporidiosis.

    19. List the four (4) requirements for child safety restraint systems according to weight/height/age. (one for infants and three for convertible seats)

    20. Name three (3) considerations for children who are in transit.

    Read Chapter 8 and answer the following questions:

    1. List six (6) common causes of death due to unintentional injury.  Refer to the chart.

    2. What is the difference between unintentional injury and accidents?

    3. Define unintentional injury and risk management.

    4. List four (4) basic risk management principles.

    5. How should rules be stated? When should a teacher use “ no”?

    6. Define supervision.

    7. What is the MOST important rule concerning quality supervision?

    8. Define incidental learning.

    9. What is the cause of the majority of childhood deaths and injuries involving toys and play equipment?

    10. List at least five (5) of the fourteen considerations mentioned for purchasing safe toys.

    11. What five (5) questions should a teacher ask when evaluating the safety of an activity?

    12. List five (5) high-risk items that may call for added safety precautions.

    13. Why should special precautions be taken in classrooms that have hard-surfaced or highly polished floors? What can you do to lessen the problem?

    14. Why should a child’s name NOT be on his/her shirt when on a field trip?

    15. Define liability and negligence.

    16. Define thermal.

    17. What is FEMA?  List four (4) major emergency categories recognized by FEMA.

    18. List eight (8) major points to be addressed when developing an effective response plan.

    19. List and explain three (3) appropriate options for insuring children’s safety.

    20. List several strategies to help children cope after a disaster or emergency.  Refer to the chart.

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