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    Leadership and Governance in China

    Bell’s arguments are acceptable, noting that China’s political system is best-suited for a framework that is administered under a single-party system. The arguments presented by Bell are totally founded and likely to come to pass, noting that the Chinese political system has very many flaws that make it unlikely to become a democratic system in the recent future. Examples of the anti-democracy outlooks and systems that are in place and adhered to in China include that the government does not identify with the practice of elections. Further, it does not show any readiness to adopt or accept a multi-party system, which is the main framework for the democratic rule.
    The evidence that Bell used to support the view that China does not show readiness to adopt a democratic system includes those related to administrative outlook and the fabric that is in rule. Evidently, China is far behind in the rankings that indicate democracy. This evidence is highly valid noting that in a multiparty system, there cannot be any guarantees that commendable government performance at lower levels can get rewarded at higher levels of administration. Bell also highlighted that the Chinese system is less likely to get influenced by the political forces and grounds that affect the thinking of elective officials. Further, there is the note that Chinese leaders do not have any incentive to improve the political system, noting that changing may affect them adversely than…………………………

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