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    Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

    Peet’s Coffee Shop has a brand new facility called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), gold-certified plant roasting coffee, the first ever in the United States. It was set out to design and construct roasting plant that can produce large amounts of roasted beans while minimizing the carbon footprint. All the coffee gets roasted in the green facility that is constructed with local materials and designed in the maximization of water, energy, and minimizing waste (Hazeltine 1). In particular, the company constructed its roasters to reach 550 degrees for roasting and 1650 degrees during the burning of the gases and the aromas created by the roasting to capture and reuse the heat that was traditionally lost during roasting process. For instance, in 2008, the comapnys revenue grew by 7% to $250 million. Such has led to reduction of use of natural gas by 40 percent enhancing the environment sustainability and it can compete favorably with big coffee companies like Starbucks.


    Among the many energy-efficient features of the facility is energy star compliant roof that is highly reflective and it is designed to maximize the natural sunlight. In case the company needs artificial lighting, computerized system, fed by occupancy sensors and motion detectors, keeps the use of energy to the minimum. Besides, the waste is minimized through recycling, and there is the use of roasting by-products, chaff, in the local landscaping. Through LEED program, it is now possible for the company to attract en…………………………….

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