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    Kogan PESTLE Analysis

    The rapid changes experienced in today’s business landscape obligates continuous assessment of Kogan environment. Conducting PESTLE analysis facilitates the identification of external environmental factors with the potential to affect its performance and day-to-day operations.

    The political environment influences the performance of the business and sector operations given the traversing nature associated with government policies. Australia identifies with a stable political climate sustained through a mature democracy. This replicates in the government policies oriented to promote fair trading, market openness and protection of consumers. The stable and peaceful transition following the July 2016 elections presented unusual calm translated to increase consumer and business confidence (Wynn, 2016)

    Unlike in previous federal elections, the Australian government has adjusted quickly to initiate spending controls. The tax cuts introduced by the government incentivizes small and medium enterprises against undertaking mass layoffs citing declined income margins (Rider, 2016). This saves companies earnings that would others…………………….

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